Liposuction is a frequently requested and popular cosmetic procedure that aims to contour the body through elimination of unwanted fat from problem areas of the body, including but not limited to the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms and face. Over the past decade, liposuction techniques have evolved in safety and efficacy. Liposuction is now one of the best ways of permanently removing unwanted fat from stubborn areas. This allows Dr. Romy to help patients achieve the results they want with quicker recovery times.

Liposuction Procedure Candidates

The best candidates for a liposuction procedure are healthy individuals within a normal weight range who have firm, elastic skin and localized pockets of excess fat. Although age is not always a negative factor when considering liposuction, older patients tend to have diminished skin elasticity that can affect the final outcomes. Liposuction is also riskier for individuals who have comorbidities such as diabetes, heart and lung disease, or poor blood circulation. Patients should be in good physical and emotional health before planning any surgical procedure and have realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved.

Preparing for Your Liposuction Procedure

Our office will provide you with instructions to help you prepare for your liposuction procedure. Dr. Romy offers guidelines on nutrition, drinking, smoking, certain medications and vitamin supplements. If you develop an infection, particularly a skin infection, prior to your surgery be sure to let Dr. Romy know because your procedure may need to be postponed. We advise that you make arrangements for a comfortable and stress-free recovery, with a family member or friend who can drive you to and from your procedure, as well as provide support when you are home. You will be able to move around as you normally do, but strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided for a few weeks.

Which Anesthesia is Used for Liposuction?

You will discuss with Dr. Romy which type of anesthesia is optimal for you to ensure a safe and effective level of comfort for your procedure. For patients who wish to target only a minor amount of excess fat, liposuction can be performed with local anesthesia together with intravenous sedation to help maintain relaxation throughout the process. General anaesthesia is preferred when patients are receiving treatment for a greater surface area.

Seeing the New You with Liposuction

Quite soon after your liposuction procedure, you will notice a difference in the shape of your body. The final outcome becomes more evident after four to six weeks, as the majority of the swelling subsides. Finally, between three to six months, your body will have absorbed the residual swelling and show your beautiful results.

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